Vibration Therapy Waist Belt

It is controlled by Microcomputer; it integrates the wise control, vibrating massage, heating and magnetic therapy together. Using powerful vibrating massage ball inside, it can vibrate and massage on waist, neck, leg and arms. 

The Vibration Therapy Waist Belt is based on three therapies : 

. Heat Therapy: - It heats the excess fat and enhances the metabolism, hence helps in losing weight. 
. Vibrating Massage: - It improves the blood circulation and hence relaxes the fatigue. 
. Magnetic Field: - It adjusts the body.s magnetic field and promotes health. The powerful magnetic field, which is produced by the magnets, adjusts the balance of the body, improves the microcirculation, so the skin becomes more bright and beautiful, and body becomes strong and slim. 


*. It heats the excess fat in the body. 
*. Enhances the metabolism. 
*. Improves blood circulation. 
*. Relief of accumulated tension and restoration of flexibility of muscles. 
*. Relaxes the fatigue. 
*. Helps in overcoming pain and stiffness. 

The Belt can be used around: 
  • Waist 
  • Back 
  • Knee 
  • Hand 
  • Legs 
* The two-row waist belt can also be used for backbone massage. Just placing the belt on bed & lying down on the belt in supine posture.

Not to be used in case of 
  • Patients using pace-maker, or metallic implants in bones 
  • Pregnant Women 
  • Within 6 months of surgery 
  • Menstruation and Menorrahgia (Excessive bleeding) in women 
  • Kidney failure on Dialysis 
  • Malignant tumor 
  • Don.t put the product together with sharp material, or press it using heavy tools. 
  • Use the belt around the waist after 2.30 hr of heavy meals. 
  • Drink a glass of water after using the belt (The movement can reduce water). 
  • Please turn off the power supply after use. 
  • After continuously using the machine for 30 min., at least a ten minutes rest will prolong the Belt's life span