About Ismail Health Care


Mr.Hasan is a Certified Professional Health Care Consultant and Natural Therapist from more than 5 years in Mysore. He helps people who are in need of  a perfect diagnosis with an economical treatment.

His main focus on a patient's health is to provide balancing (ying yang therapy) to those who wish to improve their state of well being.  His diagnosis are flawless and the treatments include natural herbs and therapies, depending on the patient´s needs.

You can expect constant eldercare monitoring, support, personalized visits and a range of valuable resources specifically devoted to help people with their on-going care.  He is devoted to his patients to ensure they receive direct guidance that is tailored to their individual needs. 

Hasan provides acupressure and acupuncture treatment in the Centre. "Since four years, I have been into health care. I lost my father in an accident. After that, I started to search for alternate methods of treatment and saw an acupressure machine in an exhibition. That interest turned into a passion. I have been to China thrice to learn the method. They also conduct classes in various parts of the country," he said.

Hasan treats around 8 to 10 patients a day with Chinese acupuncture. He uses pain free-Electro Magnetic Acupuncture device which can detect ailments in the body by placing on various points on the hand. Heart blocks, joint pain, problems in lungs, etc. can be detected and treated using this method.

"We also use other devices like laser acupuncture, hypo-tension apparatus, blood circulatory massager, etc. With little training, people can use these kits themselves and turn their house into a small clinic," he explained.